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Home work for day - 1

Due: Beginning of next class
Answer following questions:
  1. In your own words explain the demerit point system and give 10 infractions and how many demerit points it will cost the driver for each.
  2. Briefly explain what is safety standard certificate and emission testing?
  3. Explain the legal consequeces of driving under the influence of alcohol.
  4. Explain the different types of insurace in Ontario. Indicate which one of these is mandatory?
Marks: 40
  1. Complete the survey on vehicle maintenance. You are required to collect data from at least 5 individuals who own vehicles. The survey is due on 3rd day of this course. (Take the Handouts)
Marks: 40

Home work for day - 2

Due: Beginning of next class
Answer following questions:
  1. Explain in no more than 200 words how the knowledge of vehicle components leads to safe driving?
  2. Briefly explain how highway driving differs from city driving. Give 3 points of difference.
  3. List and briefly explain different warning guages in a vehicle.
  4. What is ABS and what kind of situations does it prevent?
  5. Give examples of three safety devices and how they contribute to passenger safety?
Marks: 50
Note: All assigned home works and survey must be handed in by the 3rd day of this course.